Dynamic Reading and Writing  - Expert Techniques by Sylvia Hannah Sinclaire

My name is Sylvia Hannah Sinclaire. My passion since 1970 has been helping students of all ages, by teaching them the tools that successful readers, spellers, and writers use. Many of my students have found these tasks difficult, and I have learned about and used techniques that make reading, spelling, and writing easier, so that these students are more successful.

I have worked as a classroom teacher, resource room teacher, reading specialist, language arts consultant, inservice presenter, tutor, speaker, lecturer, and coach, in Alberta, British Columbia, and California. Also, I have assessed the reading, spelling, and writing strengths and weaknesses of thousands of students, from pre-kindergarten to adults, and have designed and recommended tailor-made academic interventions.

I am available as a speaker, trainer, and coach, and am particularly interested in increasing the knowledge and skills of adults who work with struggling readers, spellers, and writers. I have written a book, "Why Your Child Can't Read And Spell And What YOU Can Do About It", which is a manual for teaching phonological awareness, a critical skill for accurate reading and spelling, that can be taught developmentally and remedially, to all ages. My earlier books, "Phonemic Awareness and Sequencing (P.A.S.) Stories ", are a series of forty-two short stories, which introduce English sounds and words in a systematic, entertaining manner.

SylviaDynamic Reading and Writing  - Expert Techniques by Sylvia Hannah Sinclaire

For many individuals, words are a mystery. They are random sequences of letters that are hard to memorize. English seems to have no system. At least, not a system that they can figure out.


  • have difficulty keeping up with their peers at school
  • learn spelling words for weekly tests, then forget them
  • don't understand why words are hard
  • put so much energy into trying to get words correct, that they have less energy to understand what they're reading
  • use simple words when they write
  • avoid reading out loud
  • avoid jobs where reading and writing are required
  • know they're smart, but can't seem to show their intelligence easily, through fluent reading and writing
  • make errors when reading and spelling, and don't correct them (because they don't know how)
  • can't choose what they'd like to eat on a menu
  • feel anxious about reading and writing tasks

Why Is This?